Supporting Your Partner

Why does it matter?  How is it different?

Supporting your partner in making decisions for a breech birth may be difficult to navigate, but it is quite important.  It is a time of making difficult parenting and impactful relationship decisions.  How is having a breech baby more challenging to navigate than a head down baby?

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Finding information about benefits and risks just isn’t easy to do.  Because there are so many myths resulting from the poorly executed Term Breech Trial, finding information about a vaginal birth will take intentional time and energy.

When or if you and your partner choose to do something different than the system supports or is used to supporting, the institution or provider may not know how to give you information much less provide you with evidence-based skills for a vaginal breech birth.  Your best options may involve traveling to a different area.


Advocating for your partner on this journey is invaluable.  It helps for them to know you have their back and are making sure they get the information needed as well as emotional support.

Sorting through other people’s opinions and beliefs about breech is not an easy task.  Avoiding having to do so may be the best tactic.  Many people will have opinions that reflect their own issues.  This includes providers.


Taking responsibility for your choices is not always easy, but it makes the world of difference when you have a team who is supportive of them – the most important being the birthing person and the partner.

Learning techniques for comforting the birthing person during pregnancy, on a slant board, a possible ECV, or even birth with a head up or head down baby or a planned cesarean is invaluable.  Discussing this with their doula or midwife ahead of time allows you to know how you may be more supportive.  This could be feeding them, giving back pressure, doing massage, talking with them to ground them, and much more.

Community Support

Reach out to others who have been in this position before.  Seek allies or friends who will support you with your decision.