Have a client expecting a breech baby or just want to learn more?  As a doula, facilitating informed choice can be challenging.  This website is dedicated to providing local and online resources allowing you to better understand and support breech birth.

  • Learn the basics about breech birth here.
  • Know your value and how you can best assist in a breech birth.

With the above information in mind, here are techniques and options to recommend for allowing the body to open and baby to turn (e.g., bodywork, gravity, movement).

Should your client be referred to a care provider for more involved procedures (e.g., ECV), here are ways to prepare yourself to support them.

How the Doula Helps During a Breech Version
How Can a Doula Assist with a Planned Cesarean Birth 

Even though much of the culture may be skeptical of vaginal breech birth, due to lack of information or skilled providers, it is just a birth. That is all. When expecting to attend a planned breech birth, be with the birthing person and their decisions. Show up, be mindful and present. If you are not comfortable with a vaginal breech birth, then it may be time to find another doula who can support them without such fear.