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Coalition for Breech Birth – A consumer-driven, grassroots organization advocating for the re-normalization of vaginal breech birth.

Breech Birth Network – International network of breech professionals (midwives and doctors) who are sharing skills and experience to advance the practice of modern breech birth.

Breech Birth Australia & New Zealand – A group of mothers and midwives (and an ob!) who offer social support and information to women with babies presenting by the breech or who have given birth to breech babies (vaginally or surgically).

My Breech Baby – Breech Wisdom and Practical Hints for Parents

Spinning Babies – Spinning Babies is an approach to childbirth preparation like no other.


Dr. Stu’s Podcast – A great resource where Dr. Stuart Fischbein speaks about the normalcy of birth choices, the ethics of respecting a woman’s autonomy in decision making and reasonable, evidence supported options of selected VBAC, breech and twin vaginal birth.

IndieBirth Podcast – Beautiful Breech: Opening the doors to an option many women are told isn’t possible

IndieBirth Podcast – Restoring Women’s Choice for Vaginal Breech Birth: My Chat with Researcher Dr. Rixa Freeze


Evans, Jane. Breech Birth: What are my Options? AIMS, 2008.

Waites, Benna. Breech Birth. Free Association Books, 2003.

Banks, Maggie. Breech Birth Woman-Wise, 2004.

Scott, Pauline. Sit Up and Take Notice, Positioning Yourself for a Better Birth. Great Scott Publications, 2003. (This book is about optimal baby positioning. May be difficult to find, and most information is on the Spinning Babies website.)


Heads Up: The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery

Ecker, Karen. “A Breech in the System,” 2010.  Movie about a woman’s journey of navigating the medical system to have a vaginal, in- hospital, hands and knees breech birth.

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