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While often asked for, we do not list providers who may agree to assist with a vaginal breech birth due to the political climate surrounding breech birth.  Some providers will say they don’t do breech but once you are in a consult, face to face with them, they might be more likely to do so.  We hope this changes in the future and would love your help in demanding skilled providers of breech birth in all maternity care settings.

Alternatively, there are a handful of providers skilled in breech birth and many parents choose to travel to them, seeking the birth experience they want.

Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

Dr. Stuart Fischbein’s Birthing Instincts

Better Birth: Find a Practitioner

Scar Tissue Remediation & Release

What are some ways to move toward restoration of your body or mind after a cesarean, tear, or episiotomy?  We have some resources for people who might have scars in both their body and soul.  Although this is not a thorough resource list, feel free to find practitioners in your area who do work with the restoration of the body with or without trauma. 

Barefoot Birth

Cassandra Sohn (La Mesa)

La Matriz Birth

Pati Garcia

How to Heal Your Scars


Postpartum Health Alliance

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

EMDR Institute (Eye Movement Disensitization and Reprocessing)

Postpartum Support International

Twins The Podcast

The More The Merrier 

North County Mothers of Multiples

San Diego Parents of Twins Club 858-224-2468