Videos & Stories

To educate and normalize breech birth, here are several videos and stories in various settings (hospital, birth center, and home).


Remi’s Breech Birth

Birth Video of a Breech Baby

Frank Breech Birth Video

Aurora’s Frank Breech Homebirth

Frank Breech Homebirth of Eden

Breech Birth of Annaka Faith

Breech Birth Video

CM Incomplete Breech VBA2C

Waterbirth of Breech Babies

Breech Waterbirth at Home

Breech Birth in Hospital

Homebirth of a Breech Baby

A Breech Home Birth

Surprise Frank Breech Home Birth

Parto Pelvico Rose com 41 semanas no Sofia Feldman

The footling breech homebirth of Nylah

Physiological Breech Birth in Brazil


Hospital/Birth Center Breech Birth

A storm was brewing but I got my vaginal breech birth after cesarean!

Breech Babies Don’t Always Require C-sections

Real Life Stories of Breech Babies

The Lost Art of the Vaginal Breech Birth

Rebecca and Jax: Breech Birth, Letting Go and Taking Control

An Undiagnosed Breech

Upside Down Birth Story

The birth of Zoe

Freya’s story: Two breech babies, both born naturally

A “Normal” Breech Birth For A Courageous 1st Time Mom

A vaginal footling breech birth in the hospital after an induction.

One Woman’s Successful Footling Breech Vaginal Hospital Birth

The Footling Breech Delivery of Opal

The Breech Birth Story that got Midwives and Obstetricians talking together (See Amy’s story)

Ada’s Story Part Two: Labor and Birth

Keep on Singing When Life’s a Breech (see Mrs. F’s story)

Three Breech Births (One Cesarean And Two VBACs)

5 Things I wish I had asked for my cesarean birth

Supported Hospital Breech Birth Q&A

A Frank Breech Birth: Faith of an OB and Mother

Breech Birth: A Story of Acceptance and Dysplasia

A Natural Breech Birth Story

Amazing Breech VBAC Birth

Surprise Breech VBAC Hospital Birth

Frank Breech Hospital Birth of 11lb 2oz Baby

Incredible Footling Breech Birth Story

Gentle Breech Birth in Hospital & Dad’s Experience

A Tale of Two Breeches

My Birth Story: The Undiagnosed Breech

My Story: I Had a Breech Birth

Breech Babies are Another Variation of Normal

An Informed and Educated Breech Birth

Birth Center Footling Breech Birth

My Natural Breech Birth Against the Odds

Midwife on a Mission: Breech Births Rock!

Stand and Deliver: Breech Birth Stories

Footling Breech: A Midwife’s Own Birth Story

A Gentle C-section birth for a breech baby

Awe-Inspiring Breech Births Captured on Camera

Baby C’s Unexpected Birth Story