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Emotional Connections & Breech

Kim's beautiful bellyThere are old midwife adages about breech that may or may not apply to your particular situation. However, it is always worth reviewing the whole woman and situation. These are ideas that are meant to refocus awareness of the baby.

One old adage is that the baby goes breech to put its head up next to the mother’s heart to comfort her in pregnancy. Whether a mother has been emotional (many are with the hormones of pregnancy and changes occurring) be it usual or unusual circumstances, it may be useful to let baby know that it would be much more comforting to the mother for the baby to put its head down.

Another saying is that babies put their heads up to get the mother or partner’s attention. It works quite well for a lot of moms! Refocusing attention on baby and this pregnancy can sometime have its benefits for the whole family.

Mothers can can also do this by spending some private time connecting to baby and visualizing the baby head down. A good parenting talk may also be quite useful.